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This is the About page. Here you will find more information about Case 'n Point, its development, future, and so on and so forth - including me.

About Case 'n Point.

CnP was born on a not-so-stormy night of May 27th, 2010 at 1:37am in NYC, NY. It is actually a second webcomic project contrary to popular belief, and is an on-going series of ill-sequential events both real, exaggerated, based on real life, and fiction. Straight off the bat, the comic was to provide humor, at times controversial or plain satirical. One of the goals of the comic was to present simplistic art with succinct script in such a way that it can be presented for broad audiences. At the present, CnP is updating DAILY, but has been updating on the multiples-of-three when it first began, and even only once-a-week when work got heavy. While it is still being nurtured and finding its place in the world, current focus is on website development, pumping out humor, and building an audience. What the future holds for CnP no one knows; however, that's part of the fun, so I implore you to stick around and help witness its way to Webcomic glory.


About Author.

Case 'n Point is written by me: LukaszZ. Not much else there is to say here, really. Not to say I'm shallow, but rather I'm the most interesting person I know and am so fond of my own presence that I never leave my sight. That being said, I am fully commited to keep CnP online and help it grow. Any further help anyone wishes to bestow upon me - I welcome all offers - so contact me in any way possible. Also, if you enjoy my work or just think I seem to be quite an awesome dude, there is a DONATE button on the bottom of every page where you may send me some money that will always go into one of the two goals: To promote and better CnP, or to help me pay off college loans. People who donate will be immortalized/rewarded when I have time to express my humble thank you. Also, here's a self-portrait of myself (don't ask about the hair, getting a haircut soon):


About ComicFury.

ComicFury is an awesome website handled by an awesome fellow simply known as Kyo. It is where CnP lives and is hosted. If you wish to know all the Terms of Service of this site simply visit here.


Hope that answered most of your questions! For more, please wait a bit and visit FAQ page in the near future!