Other Work

This is not an art dump! However, it is a dump of other work I have done whether for myself or as a part of a group. Enjoy:



Larry and Leeroy Go Fast

This one is not very good... This has been made in what I would think to be probably 8 days. No more than 100 hours of work total. Few things to point out here though are the fact that this is our first Machinima, I wasn't supposed to do any voice acting and it was last minute. A LOT of parts were cut due to final deadline, I never used Gmod in my life till this project, I never used other engines and apps till we did this, and green-screening created a green tint because we went into a "green room" as opposed to green background. The light refraction created a tint on the character models we couldn't take out. A lot of the scenes were filmed the day before it was due. Lastly, the still images that look horrible on the day of racing, well they were supposed to be vids, but the vids "floated" via shaky cam, and the characters greenscreened on looked like they floated not stood so we took still instead. All in all, it was a lot of fun, and next one would be exponentially better.


Game Development:

Fight of Flight

This game was made by two friends of mine and I. It took us 3 weeks with little to no experience with the C4 game engine. I had work, and other classes at the time so I could not commit as much time as I wish I have. It is semi-finished. We're missing real advanced enemy AI, better level design. However, there are 2 levels, 3 forms of flight, 3 forms of using Jetpack as a weapon. There are riddles, enemies, pick-ups. Sound, splash page, menu. Everything you find in a standard game. It was a lot of fun, and a lot more crunch work. It's less than 600MB, and I really hope most of you guys have good computers, and get to enjoy it. Some computers may run into not-being-able-to-render-textures issue as it happened with one of my team members. Try porting it to another computer then. All comments and critique is welcome, though try not being too hard on us, like I said - it was done in short amount of time with an engine we didn't know well - still, if it's a design critique, go right ahead!


More to be added as they keep coming...