by LukaszZ

New comic started

I know I work very slowly. And that's fine with me. I remember I used to push for one comic a week, but now it's like closer to "happy if I get one a month, ecstatic if I get 2 in." On a side note, ecstatic would have been cooler if it was spelled extatic. English, amirite?

Didn't get to snowboard this weekend because I didn't have snow chains, then later on already made plans when a friend told me I can go up with him for Monday. I still need to buy the chains, but I need to figure out the size of my wheels/tires. Adult things sneak up on you like that. When you're a teen, or perhaps in college, problem solving was more about ingenuity. When you get older, you're told what the responsible solution is, and it's a matter of how much you're willing to spend, and if you're keen enough not to get ripped off.

Another distinction I'd like to point out is about grass. Not the actual grass, but the greenery of it and its meaning. We all know the saying, but for the uninitiated the saying goes "Grass is always greener on the other side."  I'm experiencing that in my own life choices. It's not about jumping ship but rather investment of time. The older I get, the more I'm beginning to think it's not so much about the grass but rather where along the food chain are you, if you will. Grass always grows. Grass is media, food, services, sights to see, and so on. Consumers are herbivores. They eat all that up. Carnivores are grass producers (bear with me on that one), and they live off of herbivores eating the grass. Omnivores are like carnivores that get distracted a lot. You can't produce while consuming. It just doesn't work. You can't draw comics while reading comics - well, I guess you can if you're tracing, but that's cheating.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm at a point in my life where I am tired of trying to produce things, so I consume more, but then I'm unhappy that I'm no longer getting things done. The ironic thing is that this grind to become a good producer made me feel like I'm missing out on the grass, considering I wasn't really producing enough to make me feel like some alpha carnivore. It honestly no longer matters how green the grass is, and where it is. I'm consuming too much, and I miss my meat. I'm a carnivore who thought he was a omnivore, and I just got the stomachache.

This all doesn't mean that I will stop learning guitar, or how to snowboard, or try to learn German, or see more movies, or play more games. They are all this weird grey area like a chicken salad. Where you're consuming but it's for the good of producing - even if you don't do anything with it. I don't think playing a german rock song on a snowboard and making a game out of it, and then make a movie about the whole charade is something I'd necessarily do, but you get the point. If you're scratching your head, the point is a bit dull, but it's that consuming makes me happy, but when I go to sleep at night, I stay awake thinking I could have been miserable and productive all day and fell asleep easily with a clear conscience. To simplify everything, grass is always greener on the other side; I could be lazy and enjoy myself now and contribute nothing to my future and later look fondly at my past. Or be miserable now but be satisfied with the false belief that I made my future better, and then die with regret over why my past wasn't as fun as it should.

by LukaszZ

Happy new year!

Sort of. Kinda late isn't it? I should probably explain my long absense. Long story short, I hurt my arm, then I got better, then I hurt it again, then I got better just in time to go on vacation for the holidays. When I got back, Jan 5th or so, I had to catch up on work, and now we're here. In the process, I also went snowboarding once and almost broke an wrist, and started learning guitar.

Now, updates on the comic. I still got few up my sleeve and started working on the next one. Though, I didn't have much time, so I didn't finish it. ETA one week? I hope to work on it thursday and maybe friday after work.

In other news, David Bowie, Lemmy Kilmister, are among few that passed away recently. If you haven't listen to some songs like "Ace of Spades", "Mean Machine", "Space Oddity", "Life on Mars", and my personal favority: "Under Pressure" by Bowie and Queen. I still remember I actually discovered them around the same time, though truth be told that Bowie was instant hit with me. On a quick side note, if you're a Bowie fan, watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, a comedy from 2004. Anyway, it's always sad when someone who affected many lives for the positive passes away.

I wouldn't dare to compare myself with any of them, of course. I do want to mention that once I had a student of mine ask for a recommendation from me. Also, a friend of mine, oblivious of my past work, told me about an app her nephew played with all the time. It was one of the apps I've worked on. Both those instances stand out to me because even though I didn't feel like I was doing anything special, I already had positive impact on other people's lives unbeknownst to me. Sometimes, you may feel like you're insignificant in this world, and that only people within your immediate reach know who you are, and sometimes you get to peek past them and see there's a lot more lives you made better.

Well, that's my warm fuzzy story for 2016. Now go enjoy some Bowie and Motorhead songs. Hopefully when you're finished, a new strip will be waiting on you.

by LukaszZ

I lost my Sm4sh 3DS last week

So it's been about a month or so. I got few good comic ideas that I didn't get around to doing.

The two things you have to look forward to are comics where I tackle the complexity of lactose intolerance and motivating others. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

In other news, I picked up where I left off in Majora's Mask. I was mid-second day, so I ran around and got masks I haven't yet. Now I'm staring the first dungeon in the face.

Other games I played recently are Picross3D for DS, it's actually a lot of fun. Holds your hand a bit too much at the beginning, and the previous owner only got through 12 puzzles, I'm 140 in and on my second day. I also tried Theatrythm or whatever, it is also quite fun, but I feel like perhaps they should have fleshed out the game portion of it rather than putting as much content in. As a music game, it's well made, as a game-game, it feels like a toy than a deeply committed title. This is Last Curtain too, so I'm somewhat disappointed as it feels like an experimental-first-title instead.

Lastly, I spoke about my car last time, I wanna mention that I almost put 1000 miles on it - and being that I take the bus to work and back (unless I walk), this is quite a big deal for me. Anyway, hopefully, next post will be a progress report. Stay tuned!

by LukaszZ

Quick Update

I know* many don't read these posts, but for those that do, quick update: I don't know if I'll get a comic out this month, realistically speaking.

I'm having a bit of a writer's block. I just don't have anything worthy of a comic. I had one idea I threw around few months back, but honest, is a bad comic better than no comic? I'll see what happens.

In other news, PAX happened, it was cool. My bro visited, he was cool. My car came finally! It's cool.

Onto other things: * I don't actually know how many of you read the posts.

Anyway, stay frosty, friends. Until next time. I'll try to massage my funny bone to get some comedy juices flowing, or something.

by LukaszZ

How does one lose a car in the mail?

Anyone still around? I know I know. It's been two months since I last uploaded anything. I have said this one will take me forever to finish. I know it was worth it, though. It may be a bit grim, but you can't deny that you at least cracked a smile.

Since last time, I managed to order a new car. I can't say I bought it because somehow it got lost in the mail. The ship never made it to the port it was supposed to. It went up to Long Beach in California and went back down to San Diego. I have no idea where my car is! Maybe it'll turn around. I sure hope it dropped it off early and the car will get put on a track from there as opposed to Oxnard. Who knows?!

In other news, Windows 10 is successful. We're talking 75 million upgrades successful. I am one in 75 mil that has it at home and so far it's been better than 8.1 due to it's speed overall. Though my daily tasks are confined to my browser of choice and Steam - so ironically, after being quite vocal among my friends about how excited I am to get start menu back, I hardly use it. I haven't used Cortana even once. Never been into the whole assistant thing. Siri was limited, never had Google Play, and now Cortana is feeling lonely as I have nothing for her to do. She is such an integral part of Win10, too. If you knew the extent that she is integrated (maps, emails, typing, speech, indexing to name a few), you should feel that she would be more helpful. Yet, between telling us jokes, and singing a song to amuse our relatives, Cortana became must like the CPU of any computer - centerpiece that we often don't think about when we interact with the computer.

Here is a limitation my friend pointed out: You can type "Yankees" and she will bring up the latest game. But asking "How are Yankees doing?" brings up nothing. No stats, no win/loss streak, no MLB standings. So I iterate, "MLB Standings" - and I get nothing. I can ask "weather" and get weather for right now, but "weather tomorrow" brings up nothing again. Cortana on my phone is more responsive, but if I'm going to go out of my way to use it on my desktop, it needs to be more flexible. Otherwise, why don't I just Alt+t and type "weather" and have Bing give me a whole week's worth instead?

Last thing I want to touch upon is, PAX this weekend. I'll be there with my brother. Probably separated for the duration of the convention to what each of us wants to see. I'm more of a panel guy, I'm sure he'll be more excited about the demos. If last year is any indications, the demos will largely overlap E3 which I was lucky enough to attend. Still, if you're a reader or fellow cartoonist and want to meet and greet, don't hesitate to sent me a message via ComicFury.

That's all folks!